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Logos and identities

  1. Inflatable Records Logo

    Logo design for Inflatable Records - colour variations shown

  2. Integral Ecology Group logo

    Logo system for Integral Ecology Group - variations built from colour fields of images from their research areas (plants, rivers e…

  3. Korea:Canada logo

    Logo design for the food import business Korea:Canada

  4. Protean logo

    Proposed logo for the company Protean (unused)

  5. AsiaCanada logo

    Logo design and arrangements for AsiaCanada

  6. Groupo Solind logo

    Proposal for logo design for Goupo Solind (unused)

  7. Akona logo

    Akona Education and Consulting logo files and variations

  8. International Hydropower Association logo

    Proposed logo for IHA (unused)

  9. Blueline Safety logo concepts

    Concepts for a new Blueline Safety (unused)